5 Question to consider before voting in the ERS elections

Mark Pack has 5 excellent questions to answer before casting your vote in the ERS elections




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Another view on who to support in the ERS elections

Here are some thoughts from Mat Bowles on  who to support in the ERS elections



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Who will control the ERS’s millions?

A piece for Lib Dem Voice by the author of this blog,  about the struggle that is going on to control the Electoral Reform Sociaty and it’s multi million income



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The battle for the Electoral Reform Society

The elections  to the Council of the Electoral Reform Society which are going on at the moment   have seen a large increase in candidates and an energetic slate of reformers. The  prize is control of the Society’s multi milion pound a year income from their very profitable trading subsidiary which provides electoral services to a large range of organisations.

The reform slate outline their positions here:





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David Cameron “electoral reform is off the agenda for a long time to come”

In his summer e mail to Tory Party members David Cameron highlights the defeat of the AV referendum as one of the key achievements of the last few months.



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Intriguing analogy between phone hacking and AV

Interesting piece about the diffculty of bringing about change



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Labour say “No” vote means that Wales should return to FPTP

The Labour Party in Wales is proposing that because Wales voted No  the electoral system for the Welsh Assembly should be changed to First Past the Post.  Intriguing to see if Labour suggest similar changes  to the Scottish Parliament and Mayoral elections.


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